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Your marketing is going green with SLB Group !

As the environmental issue is the focus of concerns of each, particular or professional, the green marketing is booming. This concept, appeared at the beginning of 1990s, period of emergence of sustainable development notion, is more and more used in a large number of companies. Every entity proving its environmental commitment and its participation to the sustainable development by various actions in particular by modifying their consumer behaviors. Thus, it is regular to read this sentence «Thank you for thinking of the environment before printing this e-mail » at the end of a customer or supplier e-mail to raise awareness his addressee. Besides, according to business sectors of each, some promotes the dematerialization for the administrative aspect. Others fit their car fleet with electric or hybrid cars. Either, it is not rare to see certain raw materials replaced by others considered as recyclable, ecological or biodegradable.

All these environmental initiatives are unmistakably in the mind of sustainable development, which is to be able to meet the needs of today without compromising the capacity of the future generations to satisfy their own needs.

Besides the ecological aspect of these new consumption patterns, it is also a real marketing asset for the company. Actually, every action carried out in favour of the environmental protection contributes to the value of the brand image of the company. From then on, companies benefit from a reputation of responsible and human-sized companies. However, it is not always simple to communicate on the led environmental actions. That is why, the group SLB established by Stéphane Ledentu, strong defender of Ecology by a lot of actions realized via his various programs, created the brand Econologic Program in 2013.

The green marketing with Econologic Program

In its econological approach, the SLB Group allows companies, for several years now, to value their ecological commitment thanks to its brand Econologic Program. Indeed, the company is registered in struggle to promote the environment, via, in particular, the SLB do Brazil program.

SLB Do Brazil, created in 2008, allows the acquisition of Brazilian farms. The stake is important on this territory known for its difficulties as for the conservation of the environmental. That is why, SLB Group commits to it for the balance of wildlife and so contributes to the natural regeneration of the local forests. Furthermore, a particular care is brought in the running of actions coordinated to the advantage of the animal well-being.

It is not anymore a question there of simply acting in the environmental protection, but well to compensate the environmental impact of your company. The brand Econologic Program allows companies, whatever is their size or their business sector, to value their climate commitment with their customers or potential new customers by giving evidence of carbon emissions collecting thanks to trees growth planted in Brazil. This label was certified by the private company Bureau Veritas in 2013, so validating calculation method and carbon offsetting system proposed by SLB Group.

By obtaining this certified brand, the company can develop its green marketing so demonstrating its commitment, not only for environmental protection, but also in the struggle for the improvement of its environmental imprint. To obtain this brand is a way of demonstrating to your collaborators, customers and potential new customers, that it is possible to have an economic activity while reducing the impact of the human activity on the environment.

Econologic Program is a green signature which will allow you to develop your notoriety with your customers and prospects allying economy and ecology, but also to make them sensitive in the future of the environment facing the human activity.

You are committed? Let it know with the label Econologic Program: make your company a responsible and long-lasting enterprise.