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The forest of Brazil, the biggest forest basin of the planet.  


Brazil, country of South America, is very known for various aspects. First of all, it is the theater of economic and social disparities among the highest of the world. So, when we speak about Brazil, we think immediately in its forest : the Amazonian forest. Indeed, known for its immensity, it is estimated at approximately 5 500 000 square km, this one extends over various countries of Latin America, among which two thirds of its surface in Brazil.


Concerning climate, Brazil is also surprising because it has extremely variable climates according to the explored regions. It experiences tropical climates, semi-arid or still savanna climates. That is why the flora and fauna are particularly developed and diversified there. Then, the country is considered as one of the ten richest states in the world regarding biodiversity, what makes of the forest of Brazil an essential environmental heritage.


However, as everyone knows, this biodiversity is strongly impacted by the human activity. Indeed, various are the industrial, agricultural activities, and many others. Sometimes, some people act in the most complete illegality. These impacts represent a real threat for the ecosystem of the forest of Brazil, and thus for the world environment.


The choice of the forest of Brazil: SLB do Brazil.


On the basis of this assessment, Stéphane Ledentu, President and CEO of SLB Group, benefiting from an intensive experience regarding logging and wooden trade, initiate researches concerning the forest of Brazil from 2004. Then in 2008, he creates SLB Do Brazil.


SLB Do Brazil is a project that allows, to whom wishes it – as well to the professionals as to the private individuals – to acquire firm Brazilians, allowing the plantation of Eucalyptus, to increase the forest development in Brazil. Indeed, this is to implant new forests in support for the growing threat of the human activity on the local ecosystem.


So, it is from this perspective that the project leader or the buyer is surrounded by a team of passionate professionals, French and Brazilian, so allowing the sustainable management of the forest.


What you need to know concerning the evolution and the exploitation of the Eucalyptus.


SLB Group settled on the Eucalyptus because it is a species with fast growth and because its exploitation offers a wide range of possibilities. Indeed, species are strictly controlled, so as to ensure them a healthy and serene growth. In every stage of its evolution, the Eucalyptus can be exploited by various manners : it can be transformed into paper, furnishing or still into raw material for the construction.


The SLB do Brazil program thus allows to ally the ecology, by creating new forests managed in a sustainable way, and the economy, through the logging and the management of species on the international market. It is what we call the concept of Econology.


On this base, SLB Group so allows to protect the environment by the creation of forests, and to increase the economy, as local or personal. Indeed, the creation of farms in Brazil has a positive impact on the local ecosystem and on the world environment, while protecting the biodiversity. Also, the new plantations allow the development of the human activity by creating new jobs, via the necessary exploitation of these forests.


To participate in this program is a way of diversifying your heritage while committing you in the fight for the ecology. Furthermore, thanks to the label Econologic Program created in 2013, SLB allows you to make sensitive your entourage regarding the environmental protection and the economic development, and to demonstrate your ecological support to all. It is what we call the green marketing.


As you probably gathered, SLB Do Brazil makes possible the complementarity between forest growth and economic growth, and so offers you the opportunity to “save the lung of the world”, for a sustainable future.