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The choice of the forest expertise with SLB

When wood industry is developing more and more, the humanity wishing to favor the natural materials then respecting the ecosystem, SLB Group is one of the main actors of this domain, by its experiment, first of all, and by its evolution, then.


The forest expertise of the group SLB: a transgenerational experiment


Indeed, SLB Group, and more particularly its Chief Executive Officer, Stéphane Ledentu, benefits from a considerable know-how regarding logging and wooden trade. This explaining by the fact that Stéphane Ledentu, founder of the SLB company (Stéphane Ledentu Bois), comes from a family fascinated by the wood and having always evolved in this domain. In the global, it is 80 years of experiment in the field of the forest expertise that are proposed to you by SLB.


At first, in its creation in 1991, the SLB company was mainly involved in the logging. However, very fast, the creation of forest groupings seemed essential to Stéphane Ledentu, to bring an additional safety as for the supply of the wood and its traceability.


It is as well in the 90s that emerges the notion of sustainable development, and as spreads that of the environmental protection. In the field of the wood, the report is there: the demand of raw material that is the wood is in constant increase, and the current forests will never allow to meet it without impacting in a consequent way on our ecosystem. It is moreover from this general and world report that all the politics and the bodies for the environmental protection became aware that it was urgent to act. From then on, the regulations regarding logging have evolved very quickly in various countries, and it became relatively stick, thereby restricting the mismanagement of forests, as well as the illegal exploitation of these. Of these new regulations emerges the concept of sustainable management of forests, requiring a certain forest expertise, and allowing the exploitation of forests in a responsible and long-lasting way, to limit the impact of the human activity on the ecosystem.


Immersed in this environment since his youngest age, Stéphane Ledentu also observes this increase of the needs for raw material, in particular by the growing imports of the Asian countries. As strong supporter of the environment, he decides to make his contribution of the ecology, by applying the concept of Econology in his own company. The first objective thus becomes to demonstrate that it is possible to ally economic growth by exporting some wood, and to work at the ecology thanks to a sustainable and responsible management for forests.


The forest expertise: a main advantage for an econological future


Setting out from this concept of Econology, the SLB company made several researches, and went up the projects as for the way of applying alliance of forest growth with economic growth. For that purpose, besides the expert team from which already benefited the company, this one surrounded itself with new specialized collaborators, in order to bring to a successful conclusion the projects of forest growth developed in Brazil and in Romania. The outcome of these studies allowed the creation of two brands carried by the group SLB: SLB Do Brazil and Eastern Forest.


Brazil, sadly known for its difficulties bound to the environment, was thus chosen by the company SLB, to contribute to the protection of the flora and fauna, and to participate in the local forest growth strongly impacted by the man. It is a question, there, of acquiring naked grounds on which will be planted eucalyptus, specie with fast growth, thereby allowing to protect the existing forest by favoring its natural regeneration, but also the development of the local economy thanks to the exploitation and the management of the raw material on the international market.


Romania has experienced a rate of afforestation at the level of 80 % of its territory. Nowadays, this one is estimated at 27 %. That is why the SLB company also commits to it for the sustainable management of forests.


For these two programs, the forest expertise is as well technical as statutory. Indeed, SLB is present on all the fronts : the plantation of species ; the regular surveillance of trees to ensure a healthy growth, the respect for the applicable regulations, whether it is in Brazil, in France or in Romania, regarding sustainable management, but also concerning the traceability of the raw material, etc. All are tasks that SLB Group ensures thanks to its forest expertise.


All of this is achieved by SLB and all collaborators, forest experts, so passionate as committed for the environment.