The Brand

This brand gives the opportunity for investors to boast their contribution to a 'green' project and their involvement in the environmental cause.

Stéphane Ledentu CEO SLB Group

What is the Econologic Program® Brand?

Econologic Program® is a green signature. I created the Econologic Program® Brand in 2011 (back then called Carbon Logic) in order to certify CO2 emission capture thanks to trees planted and growing in Brazil. This brand, certified by Bureau Veritas, allows the holder to promote its contribution to the planet with its clients and prospects, regardless of the industry or size and to show that it is possible to reconcile economic activity with the concern for the preservation of the environment. Economy + ecology = Econology.

Why should you get the brand?

The company getting this brand can develop its green marketing, bring a responsible image to its customers and employees while owning tangible assets.

This brand will allow his holder to demonstrate the measures taken to improve his environmental footprint. At a time when the debate on the impact of human activity on the environment proves to be crucial, I am convinced that this certification brand symbolises a company that looks ahead and is part of an econologic approach.

Who can get it?

Any company or any public or private investor, engaged alongside SLB Group to create and develop commercial forests, can get and use this brand.

How it works ?

You can calculate the number of trees to be planted to improve your climate contribution.

With Brazil Forest® and the Econologic Program® brand, promote the ecological investment of your business.

Enter here the total of your investment or the amount of CO2 to be fixed per year

Euros invested


Tons of CO2 fixed per year over the duration of program (20 years)


Planted trees

How to get it?

Companies and investors are engaged alongside SLB Group in the creation of eucalyptus forests in the Brazil. SLB Group provides companies investing in its project, with a precise methodology allowing them to determine the number of trees to be planted to get to their highest possible climate contribution. These trees are then used to produce paper, but they are also used for furniture and construction industries, thereby significantly limiting the use of wood from natural forests. Indeed, it is recognised that one hectare of planted forest can save 6 ha of native forest.

With its methodology, SLB Group awards the Econologic Program® brand to these investors and companies.

The Econologic Program® brand certifies that their company, by planting a number of trees, is committed to the voluntary carbon offsetting. This brand allows the investors to show their contribution to a 'green' project and their involvement in the environmental cause, while diversifying their assets.

The Scientific Know-how

SLB Group is the first French group certified by Bureau Veritas* for the implementation of its carbon offsetting methodology (GHG Protocol). This certification confirms the relevance and reliability of the calculation tools used in the Brazil Forest® Program.

EcoAct company has conducted SLB Group's activities carbon footprint review in compliance with methodological guidelines to illustrate its commitment to a comprehensive environmental approach. Through this assessment, actions are implemented to reduce carbon emissions. This methodology is consistent with international standards and normative framework in terms of accounting for greenhouse gas emissions, such as the ISO 14064 standard
*Nº BVC/BRAZIL – 1250302/2013