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To ski tomorrow, plant trees today

The Tetra Hors Pistes ski school makes a concrete commitment to protecting the environment with the Econologic Program®. Climate change is a real threat to snow cover.The forests planted under the Econologic Program® play a double role in the fight against global warming. On the one hand, planted trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Read more

Investing in wood abroad

Stéphane Ledentu, president and founder of SLB, invites you to invest in Brazilian forest. Secure performance. In an article published in the “Jour de Chasse” magazine in December 2019, Stéphane LEDENTU explains the interest for individuals or corporations to invest in our forestry programs in Brazil and Romania.

Acting in the field of Econology

VdF Magazine (magazine of the Union of French people Abroad) highlights the action of Stéphane Ledentu in the field of Econology. Trees are a real passion for Stéphane Ledentu, the founder of the SLB Group, who has chosen to invest in the field of “econology”, a neologism which designates activities that are both profitable economically Read more

Become an owner of a forest and make the world breathe !

In our time, when we speak about property ownership, a lot of people think, at first, of the acquisition of real property with built. However, there are various types of landed properties. Indeed, in the broad sense of the term, the landed property concerns the acquisition, and thus the ownership, of lands with or without Read more

The choice of climate commitment with SLB

It is clear that we live in a time where ecology is at the heart of our concerns. The fact is that for several years now, the environmental protection shows itself as well at the world level, in particular with the organization of the COP21, that at the national level of the various States, with Read more

Become a landowner with SLB

Historically, to be landowner indicates the acquisition related to a landed properties and its exploitation. However, nowadays, this expression was generalized and is mainly used within the framework of the immovable property to the acquisition of buildings such as buildings or grounds, serving as supports for the construction.   Today, it is possible to acquire Read more