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Make European forests your safe investment with SLB !

Logging and management by SLB Group, a vocation and a know-how.


Since now 80 years, the Ledentu family is specialized in logging and wood trade. This transgenerational passion is worn now by Stéphane Ledentu, Chief Executive Officer of SLB Group, since the creation of the company in 1991.


Very quickly, the company decides to create forest groupings aimed at securing the species supply in a econological spirit.


The concept of Econology is still little known in France: the idea is to ally ecology and economy. This way, Stéphane Ledentu, strong supporter of the environment, turns Econology into his guiding thread and creates the brand European Forest in 2002, dedicated to forest massifs acquisition and sale. To expand this offer in Eastern Europe, the brand Eastern Forest is created in 2007. One year later, the project of reforestation in Brazil comes to life, via the brand SLB Do Brazil.


The programs of  SLB Group.


Eastern Forest was created in 2007 in order to expand its logging groups initial performance base in the Eastern Europe and, in particular, in Romania. The team in charge of this program assists and coordinates all the actors of the sector. The acquisition is uncut for species such as Charm, Oak, Beech or still Ash tree (not exhaustive list). In every stages of its development, the Rumanian wood finds various high value-added outlets. Indeed, it can be used as well as firewood, as raw material for furnishing manufacturing, or for building.


All the stages are mastered by Eastern Forest and its collaborators : species purchase, forest management, selection and logging bound for the international market. It is a professional team which accompanies you in your project. It is thus a professional team which accompanies you in your project, and makes you benefit from its know-how. To date, 3 200 forests hectares are managed in Romania.


SLB Do Brazil, created in 2008, allows the acquisition of Brazilian farms. The stake is important on this territory known for its environmental difficulties. That is why, SLB Group commits to it and preserve the balance of wildlife, which contributes to natural regeneration of local forests. Furthermore, SLB Group is working on driving coordinated actions to the advantage of the animal well-being. In Brazil, the acquisition concerns pieces of undeveloped land (farms), in order to plant there species such as the Eucalyptus. As for other species in Romania, the Eucalyptus can be exploited in various ways, according to the stages of its development. There also, SLB company provides you with a team of passionate professionals dedicated, to ensure a complete and careful follow-up of your project.


These two programs, based on the concept of Econology defended by Stéphane Ledentu for several years, so allow a growth of European forests, in other, which would not have been able to take place without assistance of the man, and answers the local environmental needs.


Always in this econological approach, SLB Group also allows the companies to value their ecological commitment thanks to its brand Econologic Program.


SLB labels your projects with Econologic Program.


There, it is no longer only to act for the environmental protection, but well to compensate your environmental impact. This label allows companies, whatever is their size or their business sector, to value their climate commitment with their customers or potential new customers by giving evidence of carbon emissions collecting thanks to trees growth planted in Brazil. It is certified by the private company Bureau Veritas in 2013, so validating calculation method and carbon offsetting system proposed by SLB Group.


Obtain this label through the acquisition of European forests, it is developing its green marketing, so demonstrating its commitment, not only for environmental protection, but also in the struggle for the improvement of its environmental imprint. It is also a way of demonstrating to your collaborators, customers and potential new customers, that it is possible to have an economic activity while reducing the impact of the human activity on the environment.


Adopt a new course of action with SLB Group, and become part of an econological future.