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Choose of the patrimonial diversification with SLB !

A patrimony, but which ?

Every day, on the strength of work and innovation, each one wishes to create or to develop his heritage to make sure a suitable future when our society undergoes an economic permanent insecurity. Most of the time, when we evoke patrimony, what comes to mind is the acquisition of real property, considered as a sound investment. Others shall understand rather the detention of a stock of securities, on the advice of informed people. Some will prefer to concentrate on the acquisition of art works or collection, by passion. Finally, some people will get into the entrepreneurship as founder either partner. Each of these choices is with the aim of the hope of a better economic future for you and the future generations.

However, there is a common inconvenience, and not insignificant, in these various wealth creations : the environmental impact. Indeed, all do not take into account the ecological aspect nor the impact that the patrimonial development can have on the flora and fauna which, nevertheless, will be also necessary, if not more, that the economic aspect, for the insurance of a serene future for you and the future generations.

It is from this observation was born the concept of Econology : the alliance of the economy to the ecology. This new vision of the world is, from now on several years, carried by SLB Group, in particular by Stéphane Ledentu, his President and CEO.

Become econological and diversify your patrimony with SLB Group.

It is in this vision of Econology, and thus by combination between ecology and economy, that the SLB Group developed two programs which will allow you to diversify your heritage while becoming an actor of the fight for the environment.

Eastern Forest was created in 2007, to extend the initial forestry unit offer in the Eastern Europe and, in particular, in Romania. SLB Do Brazil, created in 2008, allows the acquisition of Brazilian farms.

The principle is the following one : acquire naked grounds which we call farms, in Brazil, to plant species such as Eucalyptus. In Romania, the acquisition is uncut for species such as Charm, Oak, Beech or still Ash tree (not exhaustive list). The stake is all the more important in Brazil, territory known for its difficulties as for the environmental protection. That is why, the SLB Group is committed to this for the balance between flora and fauna and so contributes to the natural regeneration of local forests. Furthermore, a particular care is brought to the actions management coordinated to the advantage of the animal well-being. The teams dedicated to these programs assist and coordinate all the actors of the sector.

This new form of heritagization presents numerous advantages, in particular in terms of management, since all the stages are mastered by SLB and its collaborators : species purchase, forest management, selection and logging bound for the international market. It is a professional team which accompanies you throughout your project for a complete and careful follow-up. Indeed, the various species are under constant surveillance to ensure a serene forest growth. They are operated in various ways in every stage of their life. For example, Eucalyptus is used for the paper production from the age of four, as raw material for furnishing manufacturing at eight, and for building at twelve.

These two approaches thus allow a forest growth which would not have been able to take place without the assistance of the man, and which replies to the present local environmental needs and to come.

You will have figured that out, by participating in the programs of the group SLB, you participate in the development and the diversification of your patrimony thanks to these refuge currencies, while working on world ecology. Become an actor of a econological future with the support of SLB Group !