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Become an owner of a forest and make the world breathe !

In our time, when we speak about property ownership, a lot of people think, at first, of the acquisition of real property with built. However, there are various types of landed properties. Indeed, in the broad sense of the term, the landed property concerns the acquisition, and thus the ownership, of lands with or without Read more

The choice of climate commitment with SLB

It is clear that we live in a time where ecology is at the heart of our concerns. The fact is that for several years now, the environmental protection shows itself as well at the world level, in particular with the organization of the COP21, that at the national level of the various States, with Read more

Become a landowner with SLB

Historically, to be landowner indicates the acquisition related to a landed properties and its exploitation. However, nowadays, this expression was generalized and is mainly used within the framework of the immovable property to the acquisition of buildings such as buildings or grounds, serving as supports for the construction.   Today, it is possible to acquire Read more

The forest of Brazil, the biggest forest basin of the planet.  

  Brazil, country of South America, is very known for various aspects. First of all, it is the theater of economic and social disparities among the highest of the world. So, when we speak about Brazil, we think immediately in its forest : the Amazonian forest. Indeed, known for its immensity, it is estimated at Read more

The choice of the good ecology with SLB !

The ecology is a term invented in 1966 by the German biologist Ernst Haeckel to name the scientific study of the relations between living beings and their environment. It is a very general theme which includes a number of subjects of studies, as animals, microorganisms, humanity or housing environment.   Nowadays, the term ecology is Read more

The choice of the forest expertise with SLB

When wood industry is developing more and more, the humanity wishing to favor the natural materials then respecting the ecosystem, SLB Group is one of the main actors of this domain, by its experiment, first of all, and by its evolution, then.   The forest expertise of the group SLB: a transgenerational experiment   Indeed, Read more