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Become an owner of a forest and make the world breathe !

In our time, when we speak about property ownership, a lot of people think, at first, of the acquisition of real property with built. However, there are various types of landed properties. Indeed, in the broad sense of the term, the landed property concerns the acquisition, and thus the ownership, of lands with or without construction. The aim is therefore to possess a territory.


Once the territory was acquired, you arrange of a number of rights as for the exploitation and for the future of this one. First of all, the fructus, which is the right to collect the fruit of your property, in other words, it corresponds to profit. So, you have the usus which is the right to use your property as well you wish it. Finally, the abusus concerns the right to have it, namely to modify it or to sell it. These real rights are thus connected to the land property.


As property owner, thus you can be an owner of a vacant land, a building, a park, an oilfield or… of a forest !


Become an owner with SLB.


Since 2007, it is, from now on, possible to ally the development of your heritage and the ecology. Indeed, thanks to the SLB Group, become a landowner of another kind. Based on its experience in the field of the logging and the wooden trade, the SLB company offers the possibility, to the private individuals as to the professionals, of acquiring a real property of a new type.


The basic principle is the one of the acquisition of naked grounds or not, aimed at the creation of forest. For example, in Brazil, it is a question of becoming an owner of naked grounds on which one Eucalyptus will be planted. On the contrary, in Romania, the acquisition is the one of grounds already implanted by various species, such as the Charm or the Beech.


Become an owner and value the forest.


To become an owner : yes, but why the forest ? It is good for the planet ! Indeed, at the moment, the economic development, the human activity, are often synonymic of threat for the environment. With its programs of valuation of forests, SLB wishes to offer new possibilities of economic growthes without impacting on the environment. These are to defend the concept, still little known, but relieved now for several years by the SLB group, that is the Econology : the alliance between economic growth and forest growth. The ppurpose of this concept allowing to realize the wish of economic development of the man, as well as that to protect the environment of its activity.


Participate in the programs of valuation of the forests of SLB group presents numerous economic and ecological advantages. Concerning the economic aspect, SLB accompanies you throughout your project : in the choice of the ground, to the purchase of species, via the management of the forest, as well as the selection and the exploitation of the wood aimed at the international market. It is necessary to note that forests are managed in a sustainable way by the passionate and expert teams of the group according to very precise local regulations. So, the creation of forests represents a real asset in terms of patrimonial diversification thanks to the safe investment that is the forest. The wood being, to date, one of the most essential raw materials for the man. Finally, for the professionals, the participation in the SLB programs also allows to develop your green marketing, and to become eco-responsible by demonstrating your commitment climate to your customers and prospects.


Concerning the ecological aspect, these programs were created and are realized in a spirit of respect for the balance of local wildlife. The purpose being to contribute to the natural regeneration of forests and to compensate for the threatening human activity. So, a particular care is brought to the conduct of actions coordinated for the benefit of the animal well-being for a total conservation of the ecosystem.


With, now, several established programs, and many more to come, the SLB Group gives you the possibility of acting for the man, so economically as ecologically. Why to choose, when we can ally both ? With SLB, you become an econological owner !