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Become a landowner with SLB

Historically, to be landowner indicates the acquisition related to a landed properties and its exploitation. However, nowadays, this expression was generalized and is mainly used within the framework of the immovable property to the acquisition of buildings such as buildings or grounds, serving as supports for the construction.


Today, it is possible to acquire numerous landed property. The most known are the real property. However, most of them do not take into account the impact of this economic development on the environment. Indeed, any human activity strongly influences the future of the environment. Nevertheless, wildlife will be also necessary as the economic aspect, if not more, to ensure a sustainable and serene future.


While taking the expression in its first sense, that the SLB Group allows to become a landowner by the acquisition of landed properties, thus grounds, intended for the creation of forests.


With a view to the environmental protection, should we choose between to become a landowner and to respect, protect, the environment of our development ? The SLB Group demonstrates that it is not necessary to choose, and that it is completely possible to combine your economic development with environmental protection. Indeed, thanks to its two programs based on the concept of Econology, SLB allows you to become a landowner of forests managed in a sustainable way.


To become a landowner thanks to forests.


It is on the basis of this concept of Econology, the combination of ecology and economy, that the SLB Group created two programs which allow to become a property owner while becoming a strong supporter of the environment.


The first program, Eastern Forest, was created in 2007, to extend the initial offer of forest grouping to Eastern Europe and, in particular, in Romania, countries where wildlife is strongly impacted by the human activity. The second program, SLB do Brasil, created in 2008, allows the acquisition of Brazilian farms, territory known for its difficulties as for the environmental protection. For one as for the other, the approach is simple : to acquire naked grounds with the aim of creating forests which will be managed in a sustainable way.


In Brazil, grounds are called farms, in which will be planted some species such as the Eucalyptus. In Romania, species as the Charm, the Oak, or the Beech (not exhaustive list), are acquired as standing trees. The reason why SLB Group commits to it, strong supporter of the ecology, in a spirit of respect for the balance enters the flora and the fauna, thus contributing to the natural regeneration of the local forests. Moreover, a particular care is brought to the management of actions coordinated to the advantage of the animal well-being. The expert and passionate teams are dedicated to these programs, assist and coordinate all the actors of the sector, to help you carry out your project.


This new type of landed property presents certain advantages, in particular in terms of management, for the reason that all the stages of your project are managed by SLB and its local collaborators : purchase of species, forest management, wood selection and exploitation aimed at the international market. It is professionals’ team, as well on the technical aspects as on the statutory aspects, that accompanies you for a global and rigorous follow-up. To be managed in a sustainable way, it is necessary that the various species are under constant surveillance, so as to ensure a serene forest growth. The exploitation of species differs according to the stages of their life. For example, the Eucalyptus can be used for the production of paper, for the manufacturing of furnishing, or still for the construction.


These two programs based on the principle of the Econology thus allow a forest growth which would not have been able to exist without the intervention of the man, so meeting the local environmental needs, in the present and the future, while achieving your economic development aims. Why to choose between your economic growth and the ecology, when the SLB Group allows you to ally both ?