Significantly improve your climate commitment.
Contribute to afforestation*.

Discover how the Econologic Program® brand allows to combine ecology and economic imperatives.

*Trees planting to restore an area that has long been deforested, or that never belonged to the forested area.

The Econologic Program® brand with Brazil Forest® helps promote your environmental engagement with your customers and prospects, regardless of your industry or the size of your business.

+ 2 M

million of eucalyptus planted since the beginning of the project

3 981

hectares of forests managed by SLB in Brazil

14 934

hectares of trees have been saved* in Amazonia.

* 1 hectare of eucalyptus planted = 5 hectares of unexploited Amazon rainforest

1 384

hectares of natural forest protected

662 268
tons of CO2 fixed
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How it works ?

You can calculate the number of trees to be planted to improve your climate contribution.

With Brazil Forest® and the Econologic Program® brand, promote the ecological investment of your business.

Enter here the total of your investment or the amount of CO2 to be fixed per year

Euros invested


Tons of CO2 fixed per year over the duration of program (20 years)


Planted trees